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Celebrating over 100 Years of Service

2022 Scholarship Recipients

Hollis Belger

Harper Fong

Hollis Belger is the recipient of the Kimberly Powell scholarship. Hollis began her lifelong commitment to service and fundraising at age 9 after learning about the harsh reality of childhood cancer. She created a soccer-ball-juggling enterprise called “Juggling for Jude” to raise donations for St. Jude’s Research Hospital for Children.

Hollis has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for her cause across six continents and has spoken on this topic extensively, including a TEDxMarin Talk which has inspired students and adults alike.

Harper Fong has focused much of her time in high school on advocacy for Special Education students. She recognized early on that these students are a diverse group who are often undervalued and overlooked. She is committed to the principle of kindness and inclusion and has co-led several school clubs to actualize these ideals. Through the Friendship Club, Peer Buddy Club, and Special Olympics Club, she has promoted those ideals through adaptive sports, art projects, and an annual Holloween Dance.

She plans to carry her passion and focus into her college career and her studies in Special Education.