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Celebrating over 100 Years of Service

Renewal in the 21st Century

Club's Centennial Celebration: The challenge confronting the Club three years before its 100th Anniversary was whether it would even exist to celebrate that milestone in 2007. The average age of its members in 2004 was over 80, and many were ready to disband. Relunctant to see that happen on the eve of the centenary, younger women in the community came forward to revitalize the Club in ways that serve the needs and interests of 21st century women.

Within three years, the club had 150 members to participate in planning and hosting an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social at Menke Park, engaging the whole community in the club's festive Centennial Celebration.

With renewed vitality, the club once again has become a full participant in the local volunteer and civic groups that partner with Town government on public improvement projects such as the Community Center Patio and Main Hall renovations, construction of Town Park Plaza, and Corte Madera's Centennial Year events in 2016, which featured another CMWIC-sponsored Ice Cream Social.

Demonstrating the persistence of a strong community spirit, members contributed $815 and almost 2 barrels of toys to the Central Marin Police and Fire Fighters Things for Teens and Toys for Kids Drive during the 2018 holiday season.